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With new vehicle prices increasing every day and the costs of pre-owned vehicles soaring as well, it makes good sense to keep your current ride in good repair for as long as possible. That’s where the expertise of the crew at Onsite Autotech comes in handy. As our business name suggests, we bring automotive repair services to your home, workplace or anywhere else that’s convenient for you in or near Denton, Texas. This eliminates the hassle of having to get your vehicle to and from a repair shop and arranging transportation for yourself in between.

Although we don’t operate from a fixed location, we still take great pride in delivering quality work and professional results. Our service mechanics are backed by years of collective experience working on most modern passenger car makes and models, and we use premium components on every repair job. We also have a reputation for providing great customer care to vehicle owners throughout Denton and surrounding areas.

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Our Automotive Replacement Services

It’s never easy to find a reliable auto mechanic when you’re in need of parts or services. Luckily, at Onsite Auto Tech our experts are here to help you and save the day with a variety of automotive replacement services many of which are listed down below for your convenience¬†

Brake Pad & Brake Rotor Replacement

A well-maintained braking system is one of the most important aspects of car and truck safety. Our service work includes replacing brake pads and rotors to ensure that your vehicle is able to safely come to a stop regardless of weather and road conditions.

U-Joint Replacement

A universal joint is a necessary component for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Our mechanics are qualified to provide speedy replacements of these critical devices and related parts regardless of the brand, age or style of your car.

Power Steering Pump Replacement

If your vehicle isn’t making turns as smoothly as it once did, a problematic power steering pump could be the culprit. Our dedicated mechanics are standing by to determine the source of any problems and provide power steering pump replacements or repairs to restore full functionality.

Heater Hose Replacement

A damaged heater hose will make for cold travels on frosty winter days in Denton, but replacing the heater hose will facilitate effective heat transmission from the engine into the vehicle’s interior. The result is more comfortable motoring in even the chilliest weather.

Starter Replacements

Few things can derail a day like a faulty starter in your car, truck, SUV or van. If you’ve noticed trouble signs like slow cranking, let us diagnose the issue and then repair or replace your vehicle’s starter for more reliable operation.

Air Conditioning Replacements

A properly working air conditioner is a must during the Texas summer heat. If your car AC simply can’t keep up, we can help. We’re prepared to make any necessary repairs or completely replace entire automotive AC systems as needed.

Radiator & Hose Replacements

Without an effective radiator to vent excess heat, your vehicle’s engine is at risk of overheating on even a mild day in Denton. Our skilled service team can perform total radiator replacement as well as replacement of hoses and related components.

Shock/Strut Replacement

If you seem to be feeling the full impact of every small bump in the road, worn shocks or struts may be to blame. Replacement of these parts will make traveling on the roads of Denton more pleasant and may even prevent damage to your vehicle’s tires, wheels and undercarriage.

If you were unable to find the replacement service you were looking for don’t worry as our team or mechanics is skilled in a wide variety of task and would be happy to help you. Feel free to call our team and ask any additional questions you may have about the services listed or not listed above

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The next time you need car part repair or replacement services in the vicinity of Denton, Texas, you won’t go wrong by turning to the dependable mechanics at Onsite Autotech. We offer prompt, reliable work and don’t cut corners or take unnecessary short-cuts that could diminish the quality of our finished repairs and replacements. Our flexible service appointment options are certain to accommodate even the busiest schedule, and we also accept numerous methods of payment for your convenience.

Contact us today to request a personalized quote or set up a service call at your location in or around Denton. You can then get ready to leave your vehicle’s repair and replacement work in the skilled hands of our expertly trained mechanics. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and your confidence.