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Car Maintenance At The Touch of A Button

Every major automobile manufacturer stresses the need for scheduled maintenance, and most require it to keep warranties valid. Keeping your car well-maintained ensures that it is dependable and safe. Maintenance extends the service life, reduces the possibility of incurring expensive repairs and lowers the potential for component failure. The last thing you want is a mechanical problem, worn tires that endanger you and your loved ones or air conditioning failure during a hot Denton, Texas, summer.

Onsite Autotech of Denton, Texas, understands the challenges of maintaining a car. Most automotive services require you to bring your car to their garage. We offer a convenient car maintenance alternative. Instead of asking you to drive to our shop, our mechanics come to you. Simply contact us with the push of a button on your mobile phone or computer. Our mobile mechanical service brings experienced automobile mechanics and tools to your home or office for maintenance for your car.

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Our Automotive Maintenance Services

If you’re looking for a mechanic that specialises in restoring cars to their pre-loss condition, then look no further. Our team of professional technicians are here at the ready with everything they need to maintain your car. Below are a list of our current maintenance services

Engine Oil & Air Filter Changes

Oil lubricates engine parts, a critical factor in keeping the engine in good condition. Dirty oil can cause serious damage to your car, which can result in expensive repairs. Not changing the oil may void the warranty.

Spark Plug Tune Up

Spark plugs get dirty and wear out, which will affect performance. They may misfire, cause rough idling or affect fuel efficiency. We clean and recalibrate spark plugs that are in good condition. Failed spark plugs must be replaced.

Air Conditioning Recharge

Keeping cool in Denton includes keeping the AC system on your car in good shape. Our mechanics check for leaks in the system, making sure seals, hoses and fittings are in good shape. If needed, we recharge the system.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check-engine lights indicate that a component is not performing properly. It may be a loose gas cap, time for an oil change or overheating. Diagnostic tests identify any potential problems that should be investigated.

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake system components degrade over time. Small pieces of rubber, metal flakes, rust and moisture enter the fluid, which can weaken or compromise the effectiveness of the brakes. Flush brake fluid approximately every 30,000 miles.

General Diagnostics

Many components of today’s cars are computerized. General diagnostics tests are run on major components, including the engine, transmission, brakes, exhaust, fuel injection, ignition and throttle, to look for fault codes that may indicate malfunction.

If you are in need of automotive maintenance services in the Denton or surrounding areas that weren’t listed above, feel free to call our mechanics as we specialize in a wide variety of services automotive maintenance services.

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If you cannot remember the last time you tuned up your vehicle, it is probably time to schedule a session. The Texas weather, condition of roads, number of miles you drive and how you drive affect how often maintenance is needed. Our Denton mechanics are ready to meet you for your appointment. If your vehicle is still under warranty, we look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for scheduled maintenance, diagnostic checks, monitoring components and replacing parts.

To find out more about our mobile mechanical business in the Denton area, call today. We are always happy to answer your questions. Ask about our discounts, auto repairs and replacements. We have  years of experience and would love to tell you about our award winning service. Call today for an appointment.